Ophelia's End

Drama - Short

Directed by Jacqueline Pepall

Written by John Owen Theobald

Produced by Rebecca Gaines

Commission: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

  • Running Time: 18mins
Ophelia's End

Shakespeare's most famous heroine breaks free.

Frailty thy name is Hamlet. ‘Ophelia’s End’ recasts Ophelia in the lead role, and she fakes her madness to escape Elsinore castle and the world of Hamlet. Her obstacles to freedom are many and varied. But Ophelia is resourceful and brave, and though she finds herself locked in an asylum, she engineers an escape with the help of the sympathetic Queen Gertrude. Her final – and deadly – obstacle she must face alone: an armed highwayman looking to return her to captivity – or worse. Ophelia must risk everything to truly to be free.